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M.O.I.R.A. is a heavily environmental and narrative game. It’s full of exploration and non-lineal puzzles and enigmas in a realistic scenography with cinema-like photography. Greek mythology is the key to understand this futuristic lore and will gain importance every minute through the gameplay in this Blade Runner inspired reality.

Moira is a scientist who works in a private laboratory which crafts companion androids. She wakes up without memory in the underground of the company tower where she meets K-Ronte, an AI that will guide the player to recover Moira’s memory and leave the laboratories.

This is the first public demo of M.O.I.R.A. 

System requirements:
This game easily runs on older hardware.

Interesting Links:
Join our Discord server
Follow the game development progress on Twitter:  @CirceStudio
Instagram:  @circe.studio

The team:
Irene Bravo - 3D & Texture Lead Artist

Maria Amaro - Storytelling, Environment & Lead Designer

Àlex Morell- Developer & Game Design

Alejandro Muñoz - Developer


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MOIRA_Demo_0.1.zip 539 MB

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Intrigued by the setting, looking forward to seeing more of the lab and other... creations. :)


I really like the way the character kinda slots into the keypad interface, but the mouse sensitivity seems to drop. Also, was the bread usable?

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Hey psychroclasm.

I gotta be honest, we are LIVING with your gameplay and your reflections and meditations about the story. Also, we'll really use your feedback to improve and.... No, the bread is not usable... in chapter 1.

Thank you so much!


Really neat! The interface with touch panels is a bit iffy, might want to click to interact with screens and then focus the camera on them... The idea is really cool but it winds up being a brief fight with the controls every time. K-RONTE's voice could be mixed into the atmosphere instead of just playing a file... Maybe filter his voice a bit too? Those are the only two things that took me out of the experience, and they were pretty minor. 

Really strong presentation with a ton of potential, eager to see where this goes!

i did get stuck in this game but it was a cool experience to play! well done 


My first impressions are awesome! Keep going :D

Thank you so much for your words! We'll keep working!


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We are really sorry to see that our game is getting a bit lagged in your computer. If you want to send your specs to hellocircestudio@gmail.com we'll love to use that information for optimization purposes.

Anyway, thank you so much for your gameplay and support, we really appreciate it


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ok i have i7 intel pro and 2 gb nvidia t2  8 gb ram ,,i know have low profile pc ..

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Nice Demo , very good game ;)  i like it

Thank you so much for the gameplay and you opinion holi78!

It means a lot!



Awesome game, I like the fact that you have to actively look for clues, and remember these clues throughout the entirety of the demo. I can't wait for the next part!

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We're loving your gameplay BetaHunter!

Thank you so much for your feedback and nice words, we really appreciate it.

Thanks for the support



Thinking about this game is just a test first of all I have to say that I liked too much, even taking into account that I don't like games of this type too much would be willing to pay for this one. Good Job!

We really appreciate your words and feedback Raikorlo!

Thank you so much, we are very happy to see that you enjoyed it